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Cortana voice commands [updated]

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There is a month until Microsoft rolls out the final version of Windows Phone 8.1, bringing tons of improvements and new features to all excising supported devices (running at least WP8.0). The voice assistant Cortana is still in development as it is a BETA currently available for US users, but the company has promised that there will be more supported countries before the year’s end. However, you can easily enable Cortana by changing regional and language settings to U.S / English (U.S).

Here is a list of Cortana Windows Phone Voice commands:

Phone commands:

Call Mike

Call Father (Cortana asks you who is your dad and she will remember that for the next time)

Call Mike on Skype


Messaging Commands

Text / Message Father (or other person)

Text my Father, tell him I will be late

Show me messages from [name]

Appointments / Calendar Commands

Put a Dentist Appointment on my calendar this Saturday (specify time or let Cortana ask you)

Change my appointment from 1 PM to 3 PM

What I am doing tomorrow / today, ect…


Remind me to call Mike tomorrow at 2 PM (if you don’t specify date or tame, Cortana will ask you)

When Mike call, remind me to tell him about the game on Sunday (this is a cool one, as Cortana reminds you when the specific person call you or sent you a text message)


Note: Buy bread

Take a note

Setting Alarms

Wake me up at 10 AM tomorrow

Set an alarm in 20 minutes

Wake me up in 2 hours

Navigation commands

Get me to …(place, city, ect)

How far is it to Paris?

Get me there

Music Commands

Play (a band, album or song from you library)

Pause/Stop playing

Which song is playing?

What song is this?

Real-time translations

Get instant translations into almost 40 languages by simply saying “Hey Cortana, translate… “ or “How to say…” followed by the word or the sentence

Word Meaning 

Define …(a word)

What is the meaning of… (a word)

The Weather

What’s the weather?

Is it cold in Tokyo now?

Will it rain tomorrow?

Will I need an umbrella next Saturday?

Tell/Show me the forecast for tomorrow?

Show in Celsius / Convert to Celsius

Search commands

What’s the status of United flight [number]?

Who is the president of Gabon?

What’s the capital of Iceland?

Did the Bulls win the last game?

You can experiment with different search commands but you shouldn’t expect Cortana Windows Phone to provide voice answers each time. As she evolves and drops the BETA in the near future, Cortana’s search replies should be far more precise.


Facebook, What’s up with ..[name]

Foursquare, Check in

Open…( an app)

Find photo editing apps

Other commands

Upload the last video to YouTube

Show me alarms

Finally, read our list with funny questions to Cortana