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Cortana will provide Microsoft Tech support in Windows 10

Cortana Tech support Windos 10
Windows Phone Area

Cortana to provide also business data answers

Microsoft has demonstrated, during its business conference Ignite in Chicago, some upcoming Cortana features that will help business and regular customers to be more productive. The virtual assistant will be integrated with a build-in help service to provide windows support.

After asking Cortana some technical support questions like “How to I project my screen?”, she will understand the context of the question and provide the appropriate answer.

Joe Belfiore has explained that Microsoft is teaching Cortana how to provide accurate information to the users and instruct them how to use their new Windows 10 Laptops, tablets or phones.

In addition to responding to questions related to Windows 10, Cortana will be able to provide answers to business questions by searching files locally and on the Microsoft Cloud and presenting the results in her own unified user interface.

Microsoft also showed some of the upcoming improvements and tweaks in Cortana for Windows 10. There are new UI elements for Cortana, and she will soon launch apps and perform app related tasks, thanks to the natural voice integration between the assistant and third party apps. Users will be able to start apps like Viber and perform tasks like sending messages using only the Cortana’s interface.

Microsoft promised that Cortana will continue to evolve in the coming months, and even after the official Windows 10 release date set for summer. The virtual assistant will provide valuable information while you are browsing web pages using the new Microsoft Edge browser, execute commands, notify you about events and reminders, and lot more.

Source: Windows Central