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Continuum for Windows 10 turns your phone into a PC

Windows Phone turns into a PC
  • On April 30, 2015

New high-end Windows 10 phones can work on a big screen with keyboard and mouse

Microsoft revealed at BUILD that Windows 10 for phones will include a special feature called Continuum. After connecting future high-end Windows Phones to larger screens and peripherals, they will transform into desktop PCs, allowing users to run the new type of Windows apps which can automatically adapt to the display size.

Thanks to the Windows 10 universal apps, the experience will be exactly the same as that the users will have on Windows 10 PCs. Users can carry their phones into the pocket and connect it to an external display at any time. After that, users will unleash a PC-like experience, allowing them for example to edit documents and perform a phone call using the same phone. Another feature briefly demonstrated at BUILD was how content from phone apps can be copied and pasted into desktop apps.

Continuum for Phones will require special new hardware, capable of supporting the phone screen and the PC screen to work independently. That means none of the current Lumia models will support Continuum.

Devices with such special capabilities are in the development process, and are likely to be released in the timeframe of Microsoft Windows 10 launch. Lumia 940 is one of those future phones rumored to be coming soon. Among the 940’s rumored specs are a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, 24-30 MP PureView camera, and 3 GB of RAM.