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How to connect a Continuum-enabled phone to a Windows 10 PC


You can unleash the Windows 10 Mobile’s Continuum experience on a PC

The new Insider Preview build of Windows 10 for PC (14316) brings some interesting improvements and new features to the OS. One of the cool things in this build is the ability to project a Miracast-enabled phone or a PC to other PCs without a cable or a dock. That means you can bring the Continuum experience from your Windows 10 phone (Lumia 950, 950 XL or others) to your PC without an adapter.

The feature works through a new app for PC called ‘Connect’ that is available in Windows 10 builds 14316 or higher.

Once you open the Connect app on the PC you need to start the Continuum app on the phone, select ‘wireless adapter’ and tap ‘connect’. Then your phone scans for devices / displays to connect. Tap on the Desktop PC and done! Your phone is now connected to the PC, and you can use it in Continuum mode in a separate window on the Desktop.

continuum app for phone

You can resize, minimize, maximize and make the continuum window full screen. Keep in mind that this is an early preview version of the ‘Continuum for Phone on the Desktop’ feature, so the experience should improve in the next releases.

Continuum phone on PC

Here is how you can connect the Continuum-capable phone to a PC:

1. Open the Connect app on the PC

  1. Open the Continuum app on the Phone
  2. Tap Connect (wireless adapter)
  3. The phone scans for devices or screens
  4. Select the PC
  5. Done