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ClipInMedia releases four Premium fitness apps for Windows Phone

Premium fitness apps for Windows Phone
  • On January 24, 2014

The fitness apps come with a simple training program for increasing your fitness and body strength. The program consists of 9 weeks with easily do-able 3 tasks per week.

The apps are fully loaded with cool features like Audio Coaching, Visual graphics to track progress, Score Big & earn rewards, Special Diet Plan for muscle definition and handpicked fitness tips are also included.  By far the app contains allot more features than any other fitness app in the Windows Store

Fitness Apps:

  • 0 to 100+ pushups assist you to accomplish 100+ pushups in one go
  • 0 to 200+ sit-ups training program for getting perfectly shaped abs
  • 0 to 200+ squats for perfect curves and strong legs
  • 0 to 50+ pull-ups program to get V-Shaped upper body and strong arms

Personal Fitness Trainer app

The new apps come with automatic counter to count your reps for every exercise you do. You will be able to play your favorite music while working out. Simple to understand visual exercise guides are included to train you do work out with perfect body postures.

Interesting Handpicked fitness tips are also included to keep you on right track! App also comes with a special diet plan created exclusively by nutritionists Dr.Chris (PHD) and Dr.Kara Mohr (PHD) can help lose over 60 lbs in just six months!

You can follow this plan combined with solid exercise regimes to lean up, get ripped slim-smart body structure with visible cuts and defined muscles.

You can download these apps for 1.99$ from the Windows Store though you can try them for free before the purchase!