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Changes in Windows 10 SKUs for licensing in 2018

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Windows 10 Home to have S mode

Microsoft is changing its pricing strategy for the Windows 10 SKUs available for partners in 2018, as the company will be offering five SKUs for licensing from this Spring. According to Thurrot, Microsoft will offer the following SKUs: Entry ($25), Value ($45), Core ($65), Core + ($87) and Advanced ($101). Each SKUs will be ascertained by the hardware specs of the devices. For example, the Entry Windows 10 SKU is for a device with 4GB of RAM or less, 32GB of SSD or less, 14.1-inch or smaller screen.

Aside the five new SKUs for hardware partners, Micosoft will transform Windows 10 S to a mode in Windows 10 Home and Pro. There will be a free upgrade from Windows 10 Home in S mode to Windows 10 Home, while the upgrade from Pro (S) to Pro will cost $49. The report also reveals that Microsoft wants to prioritize Edge and other UWP apps in Windows 10. Office, LinkedIN and some other apps will come pre-installed on the upcoming Windows 10 PCs.