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Changes in Photo app, new Xbox app for Windows 10

xbox live windows 10

Upcoming changes in Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview

After having seen official slides with upcoming design changes in Windows 10 for Phones builds, we have found more leaks revealing previously unseen features. First is the screenshot of the updated Photo app from Windows 10 Mobile Build 10052.

photos app windows 10 beta mobile

We can see albums returning, which allows you to manually create albums or let the app automatically group photos based on date, event or location. Another excellent change is the reposition of the action menu from top to bottom for an easy access.

Windows 10 for mobile will also have a new universal XBOX Live app and here is the first look.

xbox live windows 10

We can see that the app supports chats, broadcasts, profile pictures, friends, achievements and other features.

These leaks suggest that Microsoft is close to roll out the third Windows 10 Beta version for smartphones and that could happen as early as today.

Sources: NPU, Windows Center Iran