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Carriers cancel GDR2 for HTC 8X, heading straight for GDR3

Windows Phone HTC 8X model
  • On September 22, 2013

On October 22, Nokia is likely to unveil the Lumia 1520. Around the same time, we will see the next major update of Windows Phone called GDR3. The current GDR2 has already reached more than 30% of the Windows Phone devices worldwide, but all users of HTC 8X are going through some bad times.

Vodafone and Telstra in Australia have cancelled the GDR3 update for the HTC 8X and are instead heading to GDR3, both carriers have revealed on their websites. Telstra has published a statement saying that due to “identified issues by HTC”, the GDR2 update is cancelled worldwide in favour of the GDR3.

Telstra Australia skipping GDR2 for HTC 8X

Telstra Australia skipping GDR2 for HTC 8X

A Similar statement was issued by Vodafone. The carrier has also informed that the problematic update will be skipped in favour of GDR3

The GDR2 update was approved in July, but it faced unexpected issues with the HTC 8X devices. As we reported earlier, some users were having specific stability problems with their devices after the update.

So, if you own an HTC 8X device, you’d better wait a bit longer for the less problematic (hopefully) GDR3. According to Telstra, the GDR3 update will be submitted for testing in late November, so it should reach your HTC 8X device before year’s end.

GDR3 will bring a plenty of new features to the Windows Phone 8 smartphones – a new Driving mode, screen rotation lock, custom sounds, Wi-Fi backup and some other improvements. The new update will debut on the 6-inch Nokia smartphone Lumia 1520, expected in early November.

Source: Telstra