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Best VPN Services for MAC Owners in 2017

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  • On June 22, 2017

MAC owners and Windows fans have been arguing for years about which OS is better. The truth that any OS has its own advantages and weak sides. We also can’t deny the fact that MAC is more stable and lasting. At the same time, it has some technical problems and bugs, which don’t exist on Windows. When looking for a good VPN service for MAC systems, you might get in trouble. It is very difficult to find out which VPN service will perfectly go with MAC. MAC systems are not so vulnerable towards viruses and hacker attacks as Windows, but this doesn’t mean your traffic can’t be monitored and checked by the government. But if you decide to protect your private data from other eyes, it is very, very easy to do.
In this article, we are going to give some recommendations for MAC users about best VPN servers in 2017 to pay attention to. If you want to know more how a VPN service protects your MacBook, which other secret functions it has, or what pptp vs l2tp vs openvpn vs sstp vs ikev2 VPN protocols are, go to the corresponding website.

Let’s go to the list of our favorite VPNs for MAC users in 2017.

3 Best VPNs for MAC Systems in 2017

  1. ExpressVPN. This is a VPN service, which has been holding the highest positions in all VPN ratings for some years now. It is one of the leaders on the market of VPN services. The company offers uncommonly fast traffic, 90+ regions, and 143+ cities. The main pros are a 30-day money back guarantee program and a 24/7 customer support. Definitely, as one of the best VPN services, ExpressVPN has higher prices than other providers. The only thing you need to remember is that ExpressVPN is not suitable for those, who have several devices. Only one simultaneous connection from one computer.

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  2. AirVPN. This is a VPN service, which pays special attention to users’ privacy. It has a very fast approach and an Apple-friendly service, which provides its customers 3 simultaneous connections from different devices. This service has much lower prices than the previous one and has no traffic-time limits. The service is suitable for any protocol (including p2p).

  3. Private Internet Access. The last but not the least is the cheapest VPN service – PIA. The service has a large network (23+ regions, 3100+ servers) with servers, placed in a few geographical areas. If you have more than 3 devices, this service will match you the best. Here you get 5 simultaneous connections per one account. The only minus is a bad money-back guarantee program (only 7 days).

And which VPN service do you use for your MAC system? Maybe it is a perfect time to try something new in 2017. Which VPN service among all mentioned above do you like the most?