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Best Online Casino Games for Windows and Other Interesting Facts

Best Online Casino Games for Windows and Other Interesting Facts
  • On December 4, 2019

Online casinos represent the forefront of gambling these days. They enabled people to enjoy their favorite games from any place and time. In recent years, online casinos had a huge spike in development and success rate, which is why it is on the list of the best and most profitable online businesses.

They managed to outsmart the land-based casinos by giving players tons of rewards and bonuses. NoviCasino online casino, for example, has a great Welcome Offer for every new player and numerous promotions on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. So, we wanted to share a few facts about the online casinos and give you some of the best games that you can enjoy on your Windows device.

Top Providers

NetEnt, Playtech, and Dragonfish take the first three spots in this section. They have provided numerous online casinos with thousands of games so far. These three are widely known for their dedication, excellent graphics, and great gameplay.

Novomatic, Microgaming and Evolution also rank high on this list. All of the mentioned providers have certain pros and cons, but nevertheless, when it comes to making great games and enabling everybody to have an unforgettable experience they do their job quite good.

Most Popular Countries

The UK is the country where people favor online casinos the most. This comes as no surprise, considering the fact that the British people have betting and gambling embedded in their culture. Canada and Australia take the second and third spots. Singapore and Ireland complete the top 5 list. An interesting fact about Australia is that, while they may be third in the overall ranking, the people there have a lot of love for slots, which is why they are ranked highest in the list of slots gaming.

Advantage Over Land-Based Casinos

There are three advantages in which online casinos beat the land-based ones. Rewards, security, and accessibility. Online casinos offer tons of bonuses and promotions for every player. They come in various packages and on numerous games. Bonus on winnings, deposit bonuses, Free Spins, etc., are all available.

Because they deal with huge amounts of money, they invested a lot into making their sites secure. Every bit of data about every player is safely stored and made into an unbreakable code. They also use RNGs to make sure that every outcome of every game is random, thus enabling fair play.

Finally, online casinos are reachable anywhere and at any time. You can play a poker game at the comfort of your home, or while waiting for your transport. Unlike land-based casinos, you can access the online casinos 24/7/365.

Best Games for Windows

The first two picks in here are slots and poker. The aforementioned providers have made sure that these two picks have great visuals and Windows is all about being able to support top graphics. The top 3 list is concluded with Blackjack.

Most of the online casinos have optimized their sites to be mobile friendly because people are surfing via their phone a lot more than previous years. Many of them even have their own apps. That means that not only you can play them on your laptop/PC, but you can also gain easy access to these games with your Windows Mobile.