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Best Computer Chairs For Gaming And Their Importance to Health

Best Computer Chairs For Gaming And Their Importance to Health

The gaming industry as a whole keeps expanding with a good pace, driven by the increased popularity-of VR/AR headsets, mobile gaming, traditional consoles & PC games. 2017 was yet another successful year for many companies involved in developing gaming hardware and software, as the combined revenue from all sectors totaled $108,4bn.

Microsoft, as one of the biggest players in this sector, is making everything possible to make the PC gaming even better. Windows 10 has evolved a lot since its introduction in 2017, and now the operating system offers many new exciting features for PC gamers. Built-in beam streaming, a separate Game page in Settings, new Game mode, a closer integration between Xbox and PC, and much more.

Unfortunately, every single PC gamer is likely to face a serious problem if sitting too long in front of the desk. Buying some of the best computer chairs for gaming will reduce the risk of musculoskeletal problems associated with longer setting and poor ergonomics. At the same time, sitting long time on a poorly designed chair would significantly increase the chance of early death of any cause. A research conducted in the US by the Annals of Internal Medicine proved the direct correlation between the sedentary time and the risk factor for mortality. Uninterrupted sitting for hours must be avoided. To reduce the risk, the American Hearth Association recommends stretching for 5 minutes in every half an hour of sitting.

The risk of health problems of sitting too long varies depending on several factors. One is aging. As the person ages, his/her behavior changes as a result of the worse physical and mental function. People start sitting longer on chairs and couches, they move less, which has a negative impact on their musculoskeletal and heart condition. Another factor is the chair and desk’s ergonomics.

Computer gaming for 7 hours is not much different than spending a whole working day in the office. The ergonomics of the workplace should be a top priority for everyone, from office workers to home gamers and computer users. Poor chair ergonomics is associated with hearth problems, low-back pain, neck and shoulder problems. Specialists familiar with the topic think that the best gaming chair should be designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind, while the physical look comes second. A proper gaming chair is as much important as having a top-end hardware, as no one could really enjoy a game if his/her back hurts.

Here are some of the main factors you should consider while buying a gaming chair:

  • Define the budget. Spending too much on a chair does not necessarily translates into satisfaction. There is a handful of options available on the market today. Set your budget first, and then start looking for a chair that fits you best within the defined price category.

  • Choose the material. Cheap materials mean that your gaming chair won’t last longer. Check if the material on the back and the seat is breathable or not. Do you prefer leather, PU material, textile, or something else?

  • Features. Do you want additional features on your chair? Some of them have speakers, receivers and connectors, while others have bells and whistles.

  • Ignore the look. Focus on ergonomics and comfort, not on the aesthetics.

  • Practicability. Your room space is too limited? You’d better buy a more versatile chair for gaming – one that could be used for office work too. Get a chair that could be folded up, or one that is compact enough for your place.

Regardless of price and build quality, any computer gaming chair must be adjusted depending on the elbow height and the desk, in order to comfortably reach the gaming peripherals. The optimal posture is the key to avoid risks of pain and poor health. Scientists have found that users who are sitting significantly higher or lower in their chairs are exposed to higher risks of health disorders.

Give yourself a couple of minutes to adjust your chair before starting to play. Raise or lower the seat to make sure your feet are flat on the floor and the posture is good. The chair’s backrest should follow the curvature of your back. Try to find the neutral position of the spine when sitting. Researchers have measured that the lowest intradiscal pressure is between 90 and 120 degrees, when the supporting muscles have the least amount of activity. That’s why a chair that enforces proper posture will definitely help fighting with pain of any kind associated with long sitting. Comfort is the key to fully immerse into the atmosphere of gaming. But even with a classy gaming chair with good ergonomics, you should always follow some basic rules to minimize the risk of health problems. Have a rest in every hour, take a movement or exercise your muscles at least two days a week. Try to change your lifestyle if you sit for prolonged periods of time.