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Belfiore promises a lot of Windows Phone announcements in January

Windows 10 next chapter January 21 2015
  • On January 2, 2015

Improvements in Office and more exciting things in 2015

Windows Phone’s leader Joe Belfiore reassured all fans that Microsoft has not forgotten its mobile platform. In fact, there will be lots of Windows phone related announcements on January 21 as Microsoft aligning all news to that single event in Redmond.

Since the release of Office and other popular apps for rivaling platforms, Microsoft has been criticized for not paying enough attention to its own mobile platform, while Andoird and IOS apps often get the best features and functionalities. One of the main examples is Office, which is a top quality app on the other platforms, but on Windows phones there is definitely some room for improvement.

Joe Belfiore said that improved Office experience will be coming to Windows Phone in 2015, and this is just a bit of the all awesome things expected to come around Windows 10.

Many of the new features, apps, OS improvements, first glimpse of Windows 10 Mobile, and even new hardware could be demonstrated at the big Windows 10 event on January 21.

Source: Weibo