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Alpha version of Cortana active for more countries now

Hello, I'm Cortana
Windows Phone Area

 Cortana alpha available in Australia, Canada and India

The Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 appeared for users on Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers earlier today. As it has already been announced, with the latest update Cortana is brought to the UK and China in beta and to Australia, Canada and India in its alpha version.

By means of an adopter program we can try Cortana using English models from the UK and the US. Let’s see how to install it on Windows Phones in these countries.

How to activate Cortana alpha version:

What you only need to do is to change your speech settings to US English or UK English. In case you’ve already tried to install Cortana for the US, return to the initial settings for your country. A restart of your device might be necessary.

Now you have to choose English language for India, Canada or Australia and then English speech – for the UK or the US.

Cortana Alpha screens settings

The operation has been done successfully when you tap the search button and you see Cortana greeting you rather than the Bing screen. A box in the right corner reminds you that it is an alpha version and some features may be missing. The users’ experience will help Microsoft with the improvement of Cortana.