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AlarmMe – a beautifully minimal alarm app for Windows Phone

AlarmMe alarm app for Windows Phone 8
  • On January 15, 2014

Meet AlarmMe – a beautifully designed and minimalist approach to setting alarms. You will love setting more and more alarms with this app.

When you first launch AlarmMe you will be greeted by a tutorial which takes you through the app’s functionality. Of course there is an option to skip it, but it is recommended for first time users. When you are done you are greeted with a circular dial which you can swipe to change time in intervals of 5 minutes. The background is a beautiful panorama hence it will change according to the time set on the dial, it will move from night to day and then back to night as you swipe on the dial. You can double tap the time in the middle to set the alarm at the time you want.


Adding alarms is easy, just tap on the big + icon at the bottom.

To see a list of alarms you tap on the left button and to edit more details for the selected alarm you tap the right edit button. You can edit the alarm name, color, repeat days, toggle on/off status and alarm tone, all from this edit page. These settings are saved automatically as you change them.

Additionally the app has live tiles too. You can pin each alarm onto your startscreen which show current details of the alarm. You can pin AlarmMe itself to the start screen and the tile will show the next upcoming alarm which is very useful. Additional settings can be accessed from the app by tapping the gear icon at the top right where you get access to the tutorial, backgrounds etc.

AlarmMe costs 0.99$ in the Windows Phone store. The trial version is fully functional but restricted to one alarm. A Windows Phone 7 version is in the works.