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Advanced Double tap to wake for the HP Elite x3

Advanced Double tap to wake for the HP Elite x3

HP gives more control over Double tap to wake

Nokia introduced Double tap to wake functionality with some of its first Windows Phone models, giving users the ability to unlock their phones by tapping on the screen twice. Double tap then became one of the most recognizable and loved features of the platform, and even some Android manufacturers started using similar solutions for phone unlock.

But Microsoft didn’t include Double tap to wake in its first Windows 10 models. For example, even the flagship models Lumia 950 & 950 XL didn’t have it at launch. Microsoft needed months to realize that all customers wanted Double tap to return, so a firmware update enabled the functionality for the Lumia 950 range.

HP also believes that Double tap is important, as the company has not only included the feature in the Elite x3 superphone, but even allows users to control the tap sensitivity and the duration between taps.

hp elite x3 double tap settings

Double tap for the HP smartphone can be found under their HP Settings app which also allows users to prevent screen lock for a certain time and tweak some other things.

It is good to see that some manufacturers takes Windows 10 Mobile seriously and offer not just a stock OS experience, but more thanks to software additions such as HP Workspace for Continuum and enhanced settings.

HP Elite should be shipping to the first customers in Europe sometime next week, while the US users will be able to get it in early September.