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Adjustable Live Tiles Transparency leaks in images

WIndows 10 for Phones Live Tiles
  • On March 31, 2015

Additional personalization options for Windows 10 on Phones

The first build of Windows 10 for Phones removed the ability to set ‘in the tiles’ backgrounds in favor of full backgrounds behind semi-transparent Tiles. This was explained as a temporary move and Microsoft promised that the old option would come back in future builds.

Today, has published an image showing possible new options for personalization of the Start Screen and Live Tiles with Windows 10.

If these screenshots are real, then we will have three different options for Live Tiles transparency – high, medium (semi-transparent) and background in the tiles (like Windows Phone 8.1).

Microsoft should release the second Preview of Windows 10 within a week, so we will have many interesting features to try soon. The upcoming build will support a lot more devices than the first release.

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