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Acer Liquid M320, M330, M530 & M630 come with Windows 10 at IFA 2015

Acer Windows 10 Phone
Windows Phone Area

Acer to unveil new Windows Phones in September

According to, Acer will unveil four Windows Phones at IFA 2015 in September. Acer and Microsoft are long time partners, mainly in the PC business, but Acer recently launched a low-cost phone called Liquid M220 and running Windows Phone 8.1.

With Windows 10 Mobile expected to come in September, it is reasonable to guess that these four upcoming smartphones will be running the new operating system out of the box.

The four new models have already appeared in certification documents in Russia. They are named Acer Liquid M320, Acer Liquid M330, Acer Liquid M530 and Acer Liquid M630.

Leaked Android variants of these four models give us information about the possible specs. Acer Liquid M530 is expected to have a 5-inch display, while M630 may have a 5.5-inch HD screen.

If Acer uses identical hardware for its new Android and Windows smartphones, then both the Liquid M530 and M630 will be mid-range models with HD screens, 16GB storage, 2Gigs of RAM and 8MP cameras.

M320 and M330 will be two entry-level phones – with 4 and 4.5 inch displays respectively.

Stay tuned for more news on Acer and its Windows 10 initiative.