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6 cool UWP apps to edit photos on a Windows 10 device

Phone Lumia photo edit apps
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Enhance your photos using these great UWP apps

There are dozens of UWP photo editors in the Microsoft Store. If you are creative enough, you can render a completely amazing look from a rather uninspiring image. Image manipulation on a mobile device is as easy as on a PC, and thanks to the Universal app platform, you can use one app on all your Windows 10 devices. Here are some of the best UWP apps to edit photos:


Size (MB)



Afterlight 76 $0.99 4.1
Photo Box Pro 35.8 free+ 4.2
SuperPhoto Free 26.9 free+ 4.1
Blendifier 58.9 free+ 4.1
PhotoFacer 19.6 free+ 4.0
Resize Image 21.6 free 4.2


This powerful photo-editing tool lets you enhance your images by tweaking the basic settings, applying filters, textures and frames. Select a photo from the Camera roll, or snap a new image using the camera, then tap on edit. The app allows you to adjust exposure, saturation, contrast, brightness, temperature, and more. You can make the photo sharper or grainy, and use vignetting. After you change some parameters, you can tap on the before/after button at the top to see the difference. There are many original filters you could apply, free and paid textures, frames and fonts. Tap on the save or share button and you will be able to select an image size – small, medium or original.


Photo Box Pro

Along with the standard image editing tools, Photo Box Pro has a built-in calculator of the depth of field for professional cameras. Select the camera sensor, the focal length and the distance to the subject, to calculate the depth of field. There are also a slideshow and photo gallery. Back to the editing tools, load a photo from the camera roll and then start playing with the settings. Among the conventional filters, Photo Box Pro also has Auto Enhance, Auto Levels and Auto White balance which work quite well. You can unlock many additional features and remove the ads for $5.99.


SuperPhoto Free

SuperPhoto Free allows you to create amazing effects and turn regular photos into art pieces. The app has many free and paid filters grouped into categories. Open a photo and tap on the effect to see how a picture is magically transformed into a painting. In the edit section you will see many sliders to finely tune the intensity of the effect. For $4.99 you can upgrade to the ‘Pro’ version with access to all premium effects, and the ability to save the image in its large size.



Blend two photos together and simulate a double exposure effect. You can apply a foreground image to your own photo, add masks, filters and other effects to make your photos stand out. The basic version of Blendifier displays ads, and has a limited number of effects. You could remove the ads for $2.99, or buy all masks and foregrounds for the same price.



Using PhotoFacer UWP app, you can have fun changing your body with someone else. Select a body from one of the categories – children, men, women, multiple or animals. Then tap on ‘Add’ to select a face from an existing photo, or use the camera mode to snap a new one. Carefully select the face using the brush, and click ‘OK’. Use fingers to move the selection and find the right position on the body. Then save the image and share it with friends.


Resize Image

This is a basic but handy app to create resized copies of your photos and save them in a folder of your choice. Select one or multiple images, and then the output image size. You can choose between small, medium, custom or percent for output size. Select the folder and the file name, and then tap on ‘save’. Done.


Have you found some other cool UWP apps to edit photos? Let us know in the comment section below.