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About 40% of the Devices Operate with Windows Phone 8.1

manufacturers of windows phone devices sept 2014
Windows Phone Area

At the end of every month the development and the market behavior of Windows Phone is observed and reported by AdDuplex. Through its network we can receive a detailed statistics about the sales of different software and devices all around the world.

In the end of September we cannot point out any serious changes of the tendencies from previous periods.  We can still notice the effort that Microsoft puts into the development of the market for low-class devices.

Adduples market september US

A remarkable growth can be seen into the market share of the new Lumia models – 630 and 635. Just a few weeks after launching top 10 now they take the second place when combining their results.  Such tendency can be also seen in all the countries where AdDuplex does a research on the market.  The European top 5 economies and the U.S. are not an exception with approximately 13% share of these two Lumia models on the market.


Nokia Lumia devices account for more than 95% of the whole market

Another statistics by AdDuplex was also released. However, it is not so surprising – Nokia and Microsoft have biggest share on the market of Windows Phone devices – more than 95%.

The companies that recently joined the platform were expected to have a lot more shares than the 0.03% they have gained. Prestigio and Micromax are the only ones that can mark any growth.

If we take an overlook on all the graphics and statistics we can make the conclusion that 40% of all Windows Phone devices already operate with the latest OS Windows Phone 8.1.

manufacturers of windows phone devices sept 2014

Source AdDuplex via Neowin