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3 Ways to Unlock Mobile Phones

3 Ways to Unlock Mobile Phones
  • On August 11, 2020

The majority of mobile phone providers use two cellphone technologies: CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication). One thing you should remember is if your phone is locked through CDMA, it can’t be unlocked, and that’s it. As for GSM phones, there are different ways to unlock them.

The primary difference between unlocking iPhones or any other phone brands, for that matter, lies in the technology used to lock the phone. CDMA phones don’t require the use of SIM cards. Therefore, they require a service provider’s authentication. This makes unlocking these phones impossible.

On the other hand, GSM phones use SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards. SIM cards contain all your settings and contacts are also linked to the user’s account. This means you can switch your SIM card from one phone to another, and it’ll still work. Putting another SIM in the phone that has been previously unlocked, the phone will then work with the account and phone number associated with that SIM card.

Make sure to read through these tips on how to unlock a mobile phone:

1. Use Trustworthy Websites

Unlocking your phone via trusted sources is possible. For instance, use to unlock your mobile phone since they provide a quick and easy process. The software found on the site will do all the work. All you need to do is provide basic data like the phone number, service provider, etc. However, if your service provider uses CDMA technology, you won’t be able to unlock your phone.

Beware of malicious websites that won’t unlock your phone, but will pretend to do so. The primary objective of these sites is to gather personal information like billing information, etc. Only use viable and trustworthy websites that have a proven record of doing what they advertise to do.

2. Visit a Mobile Shop

You’ve probably seen many mobile stores around the city that offer various services, including phone unlocking. Some people might think that the services they offer is “illegal,” but the truth is, it’s not. Mobile shops offer this as an additional service to repairs and customization of your phone’s software. There’s nothing illegal about unlocking the phone from the provider’s network. However, in case you signed a contract with the carrier, you’re obligated to keep your phone locked onto the network until the contract expires.

Mobile stores that offer phone unlocking services can perform two methods to unlock your cellphone. One method is to use trustworthy websites that will help them go through the entire process. The other method is to do it manually with the help of specific software designed for phone unlocking, the same one service providers use. By doing so, your phone will be unlocked, and you’ll be able to use any SIM card around the world. This convenient if you travel frequently and tend to use local SIM cards to save on roaming data charges.

However, smartphone manufacturers came up with a brilliant solution to this issue. In recent years, mobile phones with more than one SIM slot became available. And service providers lock only one slot. This means that when you travel, you can put a local SIM card in the additional SIM slot and use it while you’re on vacation without the need to unlock your phone.

3. If You’re Tech-Savvy, Try to Unlock it Yourself

Tech-minded people have the urge to solve most tech-related issues by themselves. Since phone unlocking requires advanced knowledge, only a few people will know how to perform this task. On the other hand, there’s no manual labor involved since standalone software or cloud-based software will do all the heavy work; all you need to do is enter the data correctly and follow the given instructions.

It may sound easy, but there’s plenty of room for error, which can permanently lock your phone from use. Therefore, make sure you understand the process and have some experience in phone unlocking. In case you’re not familiar with how the process works, it’s much safer and easier to just pay for the unlocking service. The service rates aren’t high, and they go anywhere from USD$20 to USD$50, depending on the phone brand and the type of software installed.


Unlocking mobile phones became a must ever since service providers have begun locking them to their network. When the contract with a mobile carrier is over, people tend to sell their used phones or even give them to family members or use them as a secondary phone. It’s hard doing any of that if the phone is locked to a network used by a service provider. That’s why you should think of either unlocking the phone using some of the viable websites.

Many mobile shops offer various services, and unlocking phones is one of them. Ultimately, you can try doing it by yourself if you think you have the skills.