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3 Ways to Learn About Smartphone Security

3 Ways to Learn About Smartphone Security
  • On August 22, 2019

Smartphone security is a topic that often goes overlooked because most people will just download an app or follow the instructions of resetting their device if they ever encounter a virus or other cybersecurity issue. However, not all problems are apparent, so it’s very possible that a virus or hacker could be stealing your data without you knowing about it. Of course, if you operate a business, do a lot of online shopping, or use your phone to store other personal data that you don’t want being stolen, then it might be wise to take one of the following three routes to learn more about smartphone security:

1. Complete an Online Degree Program

If you really want to become an expert on not only smartphone security but all things related to internet security in general, completing an online masters in cybersecurity would be the best approach. This is listed first because it’s obviously the most effective way to gain an overarching knowledge of the systems and software that power smartphone security across all of the major mobile computing platforms.

2. Take a Free Course

If you don’t want to cover the cost of tuition and would rather just go through a quick primer on smartphone security, you may want to look into free courses in this area. You could opt for online training that equips you with a certification in various areas of mobile operating system security. This is a good route to take if you’re trying to advance your career but don’t want to make an in-depth commitment at the moment. Likewise, it can also be a great learning experience for any tech-savvy individual who just wants to learn more about securing their phone properly.

3. Use Different Mobile Operating Systems

If you’re the type who likes to teach yourself instead of relying on educational courses or programs, an easy way to expand your knowledge of smartphone security is to buy more devices that use different operating systems. You might know everything there is to know about securing a Windows Phone, but what about Android and iOS? You can’t really say you’re an expert on smartphone security as a whole if you’re only proficient in a single mobile operating system. You may also want to join a forum for each OS that you’re using, as that will help you gain access to the advice and guidance of more experienced users.

Knowing How to Secure Smartphone Can be a Valuable Asset

With so many people doing online shopping through their phones nowadays, smartphones have become ideal targets for hackers who are looking to steal financial data and other personal details. However, the cybersecurity sector has largely neglected mobile security, as the most recommended solution is often to simply reset your device to factory settings instead of jumping through hoops to remove the virus. However, knowing how to discover and disable malware on a mobile device can certainly come in handy, especially if you’re a businessperson.