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2017 – The Best Games to Look out for on Windows 10 Mobile

Windows Store
  • On January 5, 2017

Since its general release in March last year, Windows 10 Mobile has quickly become the preferred operating system for millions of smartphone users around the world. As many as 77% of all Windows phone owners have now updated to Windows 10 Mobile, and that number is expected to keep rising throughout 2017.

Known for its extensive synchronization of content, application performance and the capability to connect to supported hardware, the Windows OS is leading the charge when it comes to the next wave of mobile development. You may have also heard about the eagerly anticipated update coming this year.

Due to this range of distinct features, Windows 10 Mobile is also an ideal platform for all forms of gaming on your smartphone or tablet. And, as we move into 2017, it’s a perfect time for the casual gamer to weigh up their best options for the new year.


When you consider how much time people spend on their smartphone or tablet these days, it’s no surprise that the vast majority of online casinos, poker rooms and bookmakers are starting to boost their mobile functionality and offer a wider range of interactive games than ever before.

Among the most innovative titles we’ve come across recently is CSI: Slots, which couples a traditional slots format with elements of the popular TV mystery series. Players can search for clues, interrogate suspects and get to the bottom of crimes by playing the slots and taking on mini-games.

Then there are mobile casinos such as BitCasino that now offer blackjack games with live dealers and video slots from leading software providers based on cultural icons, from South Park to Guns N Roses – click here to see the whole range of slot machines on offer. With monthly new releases, a site like BitCasino can keep each player’s gaming experience fresh and on the go.

Puzzles and Strategy

Puzzles and brain games are undoubtedly one of the most mobile-friendly forms of gaming. We’re not just talking sudoku either; this includes popular free-play apps such as Candy Crush and Angry Birds which have become household names in recent years.

If you’re looking for your next brain teasing fix, there are a few really good platform-type games available in the Windows Store. Fans of Hitman GO might want to check out Lara Croft GO, the next instalment in the wildly popular series. There’s also been a lot of talk about Monument Valley, a beautifully designed game that boasts insane graphics and impossible geometry galore.

Shoot ‘Em Ups

If you’re looking for a bit more action in your mobile gaming experience, there’s never been more choice when it comes to combat-based games. More than this, these games have never looked or performed better on a mobile device.

While there are many quality shooters like Sniper Assault and Dead Target, hardcore gamers who aim to go all out on their purchase would be hard-pressed to look beyond Halo: Spartan Assault – the first major touch-based incarnation of the classic Xbox series.

Or if you’re looking for a quirky retro throwback, there’s now a viewfinder version of the old-school version of Doom available to download from the App Store, which looks extremely fun to play!

Just One More Thing…

Bear in mind that this is only the tip of the iceberg. The Windows Store now boasts well over half a million applications, many of which are mobile-friendly games.

Whether you’re a sports nut or a brain game addict, due to the ever-increasing variety of gaming options available through the Windows Store it’s highly likely that there’s a high-quality app or optimised mobile site to tickle your particular fancy.

Happy gaming, people!