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10 Ideas for Using Technology to Teach Academic Writing

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  • On August 3, 2020

Things like legitimate essay writing services provided by AdvancedWriters are just some of the many tools that a student can use to make their essay writing process easier. Technology has done wonders for the world and it continues to get better and better every year. 

We can use technology to learn new skills that will make both our academic and career life very easy. While there are so many technological ways to teach academic writing, this article will look at 10 of them.

#1. Automation has to be used by both tutor and students

As already stated above, advancements in technology have changed the way students learn these days. When a college invests in the right programs, it can make the lives of tutors and students easy. Tutors sometimes have to perform various tasks that they might consider dull like marking the register or grading papers. Thanks to automation, papers can be graded quicker and students can use programs to help them correct any grammar mistakes and get feedback quicker.

#2. Use of correct language as well as monitoring mechanics

Using popular online support browsers like Grammarly does help a student see any mistakes in their grammar and correct them. As long as a student knows how to use these tools properly, they will get the best results.

#3. A student can produce reporting as well as visual information

while the point mentioned above talks about how a student can minimize grammar errors, this one is a bit different. Producing visual information and reporting allows both students and tutors to track progress. The information can help a student get help at any stage during their essay writing process enabling them to produce good quality work.

#4. Students can use multimedia tools at their disposal

There is a large variety of media forms that can make a complex assignment easy for a student. Struggling to find answers to certain questions? A student can use YouTube to watch videos on the topic and write about some of the things they have seen on the topic in their essay. While a certain level of investment is needed like a good internet connection and top-quality computer, they are worth it. The internet and computers are two very important components when it comes to using technology to teach academic writing. 

#5. Students need to be allowed to collaborate

Technology has made it easy for students to collaborate. Things like Dropbox and Google Drive, for example, enable students to give each other feedback which can help them produce good quality essays. Teachers can also use these tools to provide live feedback to students to ensure the final product is up to the standard they expect.

#6. Technology can be used by a student to promote and publish their thoughts

Using blogs is a good way for a student to enhance their creativity as well as put their ideas out there for the masses to critique. There are plenty of educational blog sites on the internet and it is up to a student to pick the one that suits them. Many students enjoy sharing ideas with others and blogs can inspire them to be great writers.

#7. Use social media to discover the art of writing

Writing can be boring for some students and they are not fans of it because they think it is a skill they don’t need very much in the future. Online forums are a great social media platform that a student can use to improve their academic writing. They can be asked by their tutors to write about certain organizations or certain products on a forum. Writing something straight to the point will only make a student better long term and their writing skills will improve.

#8. Students and tutors can use what is known as model-based learning

The term model-based learning has been around for a while now. It is a place where concepts or ideas are taken from one source and re-created to educate another. This cannot happen without technology and things like video games can be used here on top of websites like YouTube.

#9. Students can use virtual and augmented reality

Many students are taking the virtual reality route to learn how to write academically. While VR headsets can be bought, augmented reality is something that can be used with mobile phones.

#10. A student can frame their work digitally

Any student that is happy with the work they have produced likes to see it get published. When a student’s content is out for the masses,  it inspires them to write more and improve their writing. There are so many ways a student can have their work published and framed. One of them is having what they have written featured on the college or university blog or website.