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10 Best Apps to Profit in 2017

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  • On April 21, 2017

It is a good thing to note that having great apps pays recently. The nature of an app, how appealing it is to people, its function, cost, and many other things determine how profitable it will become. There are some apps that are expected to rake in huge amounts of money in 2017. However, one thing to note when making this consideration is that this is a forecast, and it is not cast in stone. While we make the list based on some indices that are available, anything can happen to sway this to any side.

1.   Slotomania

This is one of the hottest gambling apps in the market. When you look at the estimates and see a number of expected downloads for this hot slots app, you will realize what we are saying. This app that will allow you to play both free slots no deposit required as well as games that require deposits, is estimated to rake in at least $2 million every month. This is no child’s play.

2.   Accompany

This is another app that will make huge gains this year. When you need to have a complete control of all your appointments, this is actually the app to go with. With it, you will be more prepared and efficient for these appointments. This is very popular because it does not just remind you about meetings, you also get a dossier of the people you are about to meet with. That is why many professionals are now downloading it. It will rake in huge money

3.   Fantastical

The next is Fantastical, and it is always recommended for people who want to enjoy the flexible part of professional life. Every employer or employee is trying hard to strike that desired work-life balance, and this app enhances it by allowing users to toggle between their numerous calendars. With the geofences feature and its benefits, it is looking to enjoy a great patronage this year.

4.   Candy Crush Saga

If you have not heard about candy crush as an internet user, then you have not been up to date. The highest number of invites to games by internet users in 2016 was for candy crush. The simplicity embedded in the game makes it the darling of many game lovers and the amount of download per minute is amazing. This will make a kill in revenue this year.

5.   Pushover

This is a great app for small and medium enterprises. With it, notifications and messages from several devices are organised in a central location. It allows you to receive any number of messages per month, and to send up to 7,500. It is downloaded for $4.99 and is expected to make huge gains this year.

6.   QuickBooks

This is an accounting software that will help you keep details of your finances very close and up to date. It is good for the monitoring of financial statements, and expenses, and sales, coupled with loss and profit reports. This will help you monitor existing unsettled invoices and pay salaries. For $13 to $40 per month, it will make it huge this year.

7.   Fuze

This is another app that will profit hugely in 2017. This is for video conferencing for official and unofficial online meetings. The good things about it are that it works for all operating systems, and that is why it is experiencing huge downloads. It is mostly sold by custom pricing, and the output is very crisp clear.

8.   Spotify

This is the next app that will make huge income in 2017. They have a great business model, and many people are in love with music. The estimated income is around $7.71 million a month.

9. Skype

This is another huge earner for 2017, just as always. With the number of people using it (which runs into billions) and the daily downloads it witnesses, both the free and the paid options will make huge gains this year.

10. PayPal

This has the standard and pro plan for sending and receiving funds from an avalanche of sources and locations. With its popularity soaring, and the entire world going cashless, it will still rack up huge gains in 2017.​​​