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Zombie’s Got a Pogo is a new addictive game for Windows Phone

zombies got a pogo
Windows Phone Area

Zombie’s Got a Pogo is a new Windows Phone game with simple touch and hold controls. What makes the game unique is the character control: player only controls main character angle by leaning him to set the landing angle which affects next jump direction, distance and trajectory just as you would expect jumping with the real Pogo Stick, so it requires skill and planning to get over obstacles.

Player’s goal is to avoid pitfalls and obstacles and reach as far as possible without crashing to achieve a high score. It is not an easy task as the farther you get the crazier the course gets but crashing also is fun as zombie might lose his head or limbs or just act funny.

Zombie Game wall

The whole action takes place on beautiful “zombie world backyard”, according to physics rules, so everything can happen. Levels have multiple layers of random, so it gives a lot of variations and fresh look and feel, every time you play.

The new game costs 1.99$ (with free trial) and requires Windows Phone 8 or 8.1.

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