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Worldwide tablet market declined 3.4% YoY in Q2 2017

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The tablet market hasn’t recovered, still going down

IDC predicted that the tablet market would recover by 2018, but the fact is that in Q2 2017 the worldwide tablet shipments declined once again, this time by 3.4% on a yearly basis.

The downward spiral of the market that consists of traditional tablets, detachables and convertibles, continues, despite recent efforts from manufacturers like Apple and Microsoft who released upgraded versions of iPad and Surface, respectively. The tablet shipments reached 37.9 million for the second quarter in 2017, while in 2016 they were 39.3 million.

Apple is selling most of the tablets thanks to the popularity of the iPad line. The company actually managed to sell more in 2017 (11.4 million), in comparison to 2016 (10 million). The new iPad has a lower price, which attracts customers to upgrade from older versions. Other key OEMs are Samsung (15.8% share), Huawei (8%) and Amazon (6.4%).

Huawei is the relatively new name in the list, after a strong campaign in new territories (Europe) with new products (Huawei Mate and others). While Microsoft is out of the top 5 in the overall tablet ranking, the company, along with Apple, is leading the 2-in-1 market, which is the only sub-segment with a growth.

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