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Windows Vista extended support ends in April 2017

Windows Vista

After 20 years, Microsoft finally ends support for Windows Vista

Famous with its consistent visual style called Aero, Windows Vista also offered new user interface, DVD maker media tool, improved security and other new features. But Vista also faced negative reviews from users and press because of its high system requirements compared with Windows XP launched five years before Vista.

During its peak in 2009, Windows Vista had a market share of just 19% compared with 63% for XP. But Microsoft continued mainstream support Windows Vista with security patches until April 2012. However, next month, in April 2017 even the extended support will end.

Microsoft’s support page for Vista now indicates that customers using this version of Windows will no longer receive updates and fixes after April 11, 2017. It’s worth noting that this is the day when Microsoft is expected to release the Creators Update for Windows 10. Maybe it’s time everyone to think about moving to a more secure and modern OS such as Windows 10. If the hardware it’s too old, Microsoft recommends buying a new PC that can run Windows 10.