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Windows Phones 2014: expected new models

Windows Phones 2014
Windows Phone Area

With Windows Phone 8.1 just around the corner we think it’s a good idea to review all leaks on new Windows Phones expected to come out in 2014. Microsoft has already launched the Lumia 630/635/638 (in China) – budget-friendly devices with optional dual-SIM slots, on-screen buttons and 5MP camera. The high-end Nokia Lumia 930, a successor to Lumia 925, is already up for pre-orders, so let’s have a look at the other smartphones rumored to arrive this year.

Microsoft/Nokia: new beginning

Nokia Lumia 530

Microsoft is reportedly working on new Nokia-branded models. Nokia Lumia 530 should go on sale as a replacement of the most popular smartphone to date – Lumia 520. With that in mind, the future low-end model will probably have basic specs and features, relatively bulky body and thick bezels, 5MP camera without hardware shutter button, and very low price. Microsoft is likely to increase the battery, keep the same dual-core processor from the previous low-end models, and add 1 GB of RAM. Of course, the new model will run Windows Phone 8.1, while at least two carriers are expected to offer the smartphone – T-Mobile and AT&T. The possible launch date is in the second half of the year, according to @evleaks.

A new PureView smartphone?

Nokia Lumia 1020 is still the king of the cameraphones despite the old hardware and increasing competition. Samsung, HTC, Oppo and other companies have improved dramatically the imaging capabilities of the new devices, so Microsoft should do the same to keep the leading position. Therefore, an improved version of the 1020 (possible Nokia Lumia 1030) would be the only logical move. A possible successor to the ‘King’ would have top-end specs including quad-core Snapdragon at 2.3 GHz, full HD display and the same 41MP PureView camera on the back.


Codenamed Nokia Superman, this phone will be focused on front-facing camera capabilities. The Superman is said to come with a 5MP camera and a 4.7-inch screen up front. It is will be a mid-range device running Windows Phone 8.1

HTC: still in the game

We know that HTC is still on the boat, with at least one new model expected to arrive in 2014. Called HTC W8, it should launch in Q3 2014 for Verizon, while we don’t have info on a worldwide release. HTC W8 Windows Phone will be a flagship device with Boom Sound, Duo camera, similar to upcoming Android-powered HTC A9.

Samsung : two Windows Phones 2014

A mid-range smartphone has made an appearance on a popular benchmark site. Another source claims there is a high-end model, with specs similar to the current Android flagship.

Micromax: India to have a high-end Windows Phone 8.1

The Indian company is working on a premium Smartphone, according to popular leaker. The phone has been described as having a 5-inch screen, quad-core Snapdragon processor, 2GB RAM, 13-MP rear camera and 5MP front facing shooter. The upcoming phone should go on sale next month in India, priced at around 24 000 RS.

Other OEMs

BLU Windows Phone 2014

BLU Products is working on two handsets based on Windows Phone 8.1 including a 5-inch device as pictured above. Interestingly, the phone has an HTC inspired design and hardware capacitive buttons. Both BLU Windows Phones should launch in the coming months, starting from Latin America and the US.

According to Microsoft, Prestigio MultiPhone 8500 Duo will launch next month in Europe. It is a mid-range device with a 720p resolution and a quad-core processor.

Yezz Billy 4.7 is another new smartphone named after Bill Gates. The phone will reportedly have a 4.7-inch display (720p), 13MP camera, slim body, dual SIM and affordable price (around $249). Yezz Billy 4.7 goes on sale this month in selected European markets, US and Latin America, followed by a budget-oriented 4-inch model.

LG, Lenovo and Huawei are among the hardware partners announced at the BUILD conference so the list with Windows Phones 2014 could be larger than expected.