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Windows Phone could support USB flash drives and 128GB microSD cards

Sony 2 in 1 USB flash drive 8 GB
  • On March 17, 2014

There are different ways to transfer data files from smartphones to external devices. The most widespread methods include a data cable, Internet or Bluetooth, but there could be a problem if you don’t have a data cable or the files are too large to be transferred through the Internet.

Windows Phone 8.1 update, according to unconfirmed sources, is expected to give consumers one more alternative – to use removable USB flash drives. To connect a USB flash drive to a smartphone you will need a microUSB adapter for your current flash drive. Alternatively, you can buy a brand new micro USB drive, just announced by Sony. With USB flash drives Windows Phone users will be able to offload / copy / transfer large files to any external device. USB flash drives may come in handy for Windows Phone users as not all modern smartphones include microSD slots, while a card reader or a cable are required in order to transfer files from a microSD card onto another device.

SanDisk ultra 128GB microSD card

At the same time, a Lumia 1520 user has noticed that Windows Phone supports the newly announced 128GB microSDXC card by SanDisk. These cards, reportedly developed for Andoid-based smartphones, could be of use to Windows users as well. With a price of $119.99, the card shows a 20% better performance that the 64GB microSD card by SanDisk. The user has successfully recorded a large HD video file to the card with no signs of hiccups or other problems.