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Windows Phone Store reaches 300 000 apps, with 1300 new apps daily

Windows Phone Store reached 300000 apps
  • On August 8, 2014

Windows Phone Market accelerates its growth. Today there are more than 300,000 apps & games available for download in the Store and the number is growing rapidly each month. Microsoft revealed in July there were around 270 000 apps and games. Today, less than a month later, the Store features more than 300 000 applications which means around 1300 new apps have been added since July on a daily basis. Microsoft also announced that 4 billion apps and games have been downloaded so far.

If the trend continues in the future the Store could reach the 500 000 threshold in 5-6 months. This is good news for our platform and with all Windows Phones expected to launch in the next few months the platform could easily gain popularity amongst the general public. The combined effect of a variety of apps and low-cost devices could help Windows Phone grow in many price sensitive markets.