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Windows Phone reaches a turning point, 85% of the top 25 apps are available

A Windows Phone device
  • On November 22, 2013

Windows Phone Store has reached critical mass, 3 billion downloads, 500 new apps daily

Microsoft has released a detailed report outlining the growth of the Windows Phone mobile platform. According to the publication, Windows Phone Store has recently passed the mark of 3 billion applications downloads. Microsoft needed more than two years to make the first billion, 6 months for the second billion and three and a half months to add the third billion.

Currently, 10M transactions are processed daily or 300 million per month. There is a 290% increase in app downloads and a 181% increase in paid app revenue since the Windows Phone launch, Microsoft reports.

Windows Phone Store apps - momentum

At present, there are 190 000 apps in the Store, but around new 500 apps are added daily. With the recent arrival of Instagram and Vine, Windows Phone has almost covered all popular apps available on the other platforms. Windows Phone users can now use 85% of top 25 applications available for iOS and Android, according to Microsoft.

Based on the stated above, we can draw the conclusion that Microsoft’s mobile platform has reached a significant turning point. At the same time, sales numbers of Windows Phones are growing too. Between July and September 2013, just under 10 million Windows Phone devices were shipped, a barrier which should be broken in the last quarter.

Source: AAWP