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Windows Phone outsells iOS in 24 countries

wp versus ios

A new infographic compiled by Fortumo shows all countries where Windows Phone is more popular than iOS. Microsoft’s mobile platform increased its popularity throughout the last year and in December 2013 Windows Phone outsold iOS in 24 countries, according to the graph. In comparison, Windows Phone was outselling iOS in just 7 markets nine months earlier (in March 2013).

Most of the countries where WP is doing better have well developed carrier billing, which is widely supported by Microsoft. On the other hand, Apple is doing better in countries without strong carrier billing support. Another reason for the WP popularity in some markets especially in emerging economies is the costs – because Windows Phone is around 2 times cheaper than the iPhone.

windows phone market share in Spain, UK, USA, Italy, Germany and France

In most of the major markets (EU, USA) Windows Phone is still chasing iOS, but WP’s year-to-year growth is impressive while iOS is decreasing its share. In France for example, Windows has a 12.5% share, while iOS has 15.9%.

Windows Phone market share in some countries with year-to-year change

Germany: 6.3% (+4.0)

UK: 11.9% (+7.3%)

Italy: 16.1% (+4.4)

Spain: 4.3% (+2.0)

France: 12.5% (+7.4%)

USA: 4.8 (+2.3)

Source: Pocket Gamer (click for the full infographic)