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Windows Phone market share grows in Europe, EU5

windows marketplace france for q1 2015
Windows Phone Area

Smartphone market share for Q1 2015

Kantar World Panel has published its smartphone market report for the first quarter of 2015. The slides show Windows Phone recovering in EU5 (the top 5 European Economies), but still struggling in other major markets like USA, China and Japan.

Despite the lack of flagship devices, Microsoft is doing well in many European markets with aggregated market share for EU5 growing from 8.1 to 9.9 percentage points in a year. The highest growth for Microsoft’s mobile OS has been registered in France, where Windows Phone grew to 14.1% from 8.3% in Q1 2014.

Windows Phone market share in other markets (%, change over Q1 2014):

  • Germany: 8.7% (+2.2%)
  • Great Britain: 8.0% (-1.2%)
  • Italy: 14.4% (+0.5%)
  • Spain: 2.8% (-0.3%)
  • USA: 4.3% (-0.1%)
  • China: 1.2% (0.0%)
  • Australia: 7.3% (+0.4%)
  • Japan: 0.4% (+0.1%)

Overall, Android is still far ahead of iOS and Windows Phone in all countries although its influence has slightly decreased after iPhone 6 launch and the good reception of the new low-end and mid-range Windows smartphones released by Microsoft over the past few months.

Android’s share ranges from 52.3% in Japan and Australia, to 89.9% in Spain.

iOS is strongest in Japan (45,1%) and weakest in Spain (7%), while Windows Phone has strongest presence in Italy (14.4%) and weakest in Japan (0.4%)

Source: Kantar World Panel