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Windows Phone keeps growing, passes Apple`s iOS in Italy

Windows Phone

A few days ago we wrote that Windows Phone gains a fast growth in USA for Q3 this year. Also, it doubled its market share and has become the world`s fastest growing operating system. Now, a new data coming from Kantar Worldpanel shows that Windows Phone has passed Apple`s iOS in Italy and keeps growing quickly in the emerging markets.

According to the Kantar Worldpanel`s report, for Q3 one out of 10 smartphone sales in the five biggest European markets is with Windows Phone and thus, the operating system keeps its third position behind Android and iOS. However, the data shows that it has already passed iOS in Italy. Also, its market share in the emerging markets and in Europe is growing with fast tempo. This is apparent especially in Latin America where Nokia has a very strong tradition. As the biggest Windows Phone seller, Nokia is a dominator in Latin America for many years. Obviously, this situation won`t change soon as on the horizon we already see the replacement of Lumia 520, Lumia 525.

Source: Winbeta