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Windows Phone is growing: 15% share in New Zealand, overtakes iOS in India

new zealand signs Windows phone
  • On September 17, 2013

We have previously reported how Windows Phone has been growing in Europe. The results from July showed that Microsoft’s mobile platform stays firmly on the third position after Android and iOS. In the biggest European markets like Germany, France, the UK and Spain, Windows Phone showed an impressive growth on year’s base. For example, In France the sales have grown from 2.3% to 9% in just one year.

But Windows Phone is also growing in other parts of the world, far away from Europe. It is the second platform in Latin America, with a 25.6% market share in Colombia, while Nokia retains the leading position on the phone market in Russia.

Today, we have new information about the market coming from two distant parts of the world. First let’s have a look at New Zealand. Paul Muckleston, Microsoft’s general manager revealed in a conference in Auckland that his company has increased its smartphone presence from 2% to 15% in just two years.

Damon Kelly from Enlighten Designs has also commented over the topic. He adds: “Microsoft is dedicated to growing share so that developers will ensure their apps are also built for the Microsoft platform”. Growing in size is very important, according to Muckleston. He states that after Microsoft has passed the 10% threshold, they have seen a dramatic increase of the local apps.

At the same time, MyNokiaBlog reveals that Windows Phone has overtaken iOS and Microsoft now occupies the second place on the market with a 5.6% share. Despite the fact Windows Phone is far away from Android, this may be a sign that WP is on the right track.

We should note that the growth of Windows Phone is due to the strength of Nokia. It is not clear, how the consumers will react when Microsoft drops the Nokia brand and starts making smartphones under its own logo.