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Windows Phone reaches a double-digit share in Europe, keeps the same level in the US

Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone
  • On October 1, 2013

The new report for the smartphone market has been published by Kantar WorldPanel. According to the publications, Windows Phone has reached its highest ever market share in the top 5 biggest European markets (EU5). In the EU5 countries, the Microsoft’s operating system has grown to 9.2% in August. Compared with August 2012, Windows Phone has almost doubled its share (+4.2%). Thanks to Nokia, for just two months from July to August 2013, Windows Phone has grown from 6.9% to 9.2% which is a substantial growth.

Windows Phone has reached a double-digit share across two major European markets. In the UK, the platform has a 12% market share, compared with just 4.5% a year ago. In France the Windows market share has grown to 10.8%, while in Germany to 8.8%. It’s interesting the fact that Windows Phone is closing the gap between iOS on many of the market, while in Germany the difference is only 0.7%. However, Apple is expected to improve its numbers in the coming months, thanks to the newly launched products.

Despite the success in Europe, Windows Phone keeps struggling in the US, China, Italy and Japan. In the States, Windows Phone has grown by just 0.4% on year’s base, while in China it has declined by 1.3%.

Overall, it seems that Microsoft has managed to establish its platform as a major player on the market (thanks to Nokia) and their platform has occupied the third place after Android and iOS. On most of the markets (except China and Italy), Windows Phone is growing and it is closing the gap to the second place.

Kantar WorldPanel smartphone statistics August 2013

Source: Kantar WorldPanel survey via Forbes