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Windows Phone developer tools can work with Swift /Objective C code from iOS

swift for ios
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Microsoft makes easier for any iOS and Android developer to use old code and build Windows apps

The big news at BUILD 2015 were the Microsoft’s plans to attract iOS and Android developers by announcing new tools for converting existing Android and iOS apps, created using Objective C and Java/C++ code, into full-featured Windows 10 apps supporting Live Tiles, native Windows sharing and more.

While these SDKs are definitely something that could attract new windows phone developer to make apps, Microsoft didn’t mention Swift.

The Swift programing language for iOS is a new, better, and more flexible way to make apps for iOS, and many iOS developers are already using Swift to create apps with greater performance and faster than using Objective C.

The good news for Windows phone is that Microsoft has confirmed that the Swift support will be coming soon, which could attract even more developers to bring their apps to Windows 10 Store.

Along with SDKs for Swift, Java and Objective C, Microsoft has announced two new Windows developer tools – one for bringing old Desktop Win32 and NET.apps to the Store, and one for creating apps using any website.

Source: Windows Central