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Windows Phone Apps You Will Definitely Like

Windows Phone Apps You Will Definitely Like
  • On July 26, 2017

Applications for Windows Phone are not so popular as compared to apps developed specifically for smartphones based on Android OS and iOS. Nevertheless, vendors are constantly releasing new Window Phones, and the number of programs built specifically for these devices is growing. To stay in the loop, we have decided to introduce the best and most useful programs for Windows Phone. You will definitely find some useful applications in this post.


Tweetium for Windows Phone has been developed specifically for people who spend a lot of time chatting in Twitter. Users of this application will adore a convenient navigation, stylish animation, and several useful functions:

  • Simultaneous loading of many images;

  • The “last read” display function;

  • Set of background colors and themes;

  • Push notifications;

  • Simultaneous operation of several accounts;

  • Tweetmarker.

You can easily discuss anything including best online casino nz with the help of the app.

Travel & Navigation

It is one of the most useful and innovative Windows Phone applications for finding the shortest routes, setting directions and roads. Travel & Navigation is the perfect guide for a traveler that can be in your pocket.

Among the most useful features of the application, there are

  • Finding a location;

  • Online tiles;

  • Finding the shortest routes;

  • Powerful zoom function;

  • 3 tile sizes (small, medium, large); you can set any on your own.

ABBYY Business Card Reader

This application works as a business card scanner that can digitize contacts from paper business cards, manage, and share them. The program allows for quick and accurate adding contact data without any manual dialing. You just need to take a picture of your business card and save it to the internal storage of the application.

Being a multi-language app, BCR is a reliable assistant in the business communication of people from around the world. It is an indispensable tool for executives, sales, and customer managers, IT, marketers and PR.


Striver for Windows allows you to upload your trips, plan your runs, analyze them, and compare with the results of the community and friends. With the help of the application, you can

  • Record a route using GPS;

  • Display time, speed, altitude, and distance during your trip;

  • Download GPX routes to OneDrive and to your profile on the Strava website;

  • View your Strava profile.

Front Ender

This interesting application enables you not only to write but also to run HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. The program is compatible with all Windows Phones and allows a user to

  • Write and run front-end code directly on a smartphone;

  • Quickly insert special characters (quotes, semicolon, etc.);

  • Save code to GitHub.

Front Ender is a perfect choice for those who study HTML, CSS or JavaScript because now you can learn and test your code anywhere, without the need to have a PC at hand.