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Windows Phone apps for managing Personal Finance

Windows Phone apps for managing Personal Finance
  • On September 13, 2014

Smart Budget (free)

This app has a nice and simple UI so you can easily record and track each income or expense. You can set spending and incomes recurring on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly base. The app analyzes your personal finance by displaying different charts and graphs and you can also save images of each receipt. Other useful features are: Live Tile support, currency set-up, setting reminders, exporting to excel, backing up to OneDrive, and more.

smart budget

Mint (free)

According to CNN, Mint is the best app of 2013 to manage money with more than 13 million active users. The app basically combines all your accounts into a single one so you can manage all of them from everywhere on the go. Mint for Windows device supports credit cards, savings and spending, and shows Live important updates of your accounts.

mint app

Budget Buddy (free)

Budget Buddy features a standard system for tracking incomes and spending, but here has included the ability to snap a photo of your bill or receipt. Budget Buddy’s UI is similar to Smart Budget and you need to manually record each transaction by filling finance details. The app features Live Tile, charts, export and import from the OneDrive cloud storage, and you don’t need to open an account.

budget buddy app

My Car (free)

This is an app for managing all car related expenses like fuel costs, repairs, equipment, and everything else. My Car app analyzes your car spending and shows detailed statistics of vehicle’s costs. You can snap photos, add notes, set reminders, view and search history, and more. The app supports Live Tiles and multiply cars, so you can pin each of them on the start screen.

my car app