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Windows Phone 8.1 / Cyan is the most battery efficient version

Nokia phone low battery
  • On August 11, 2014

A report by AAWP reveals that the official Windows Phone 8.1 version has the best battery efficiency amongst all WP versions since the original 8.0 build. Lumia 1020, connected to WiFi and a cellular network, has been tested while doing nothing (with screen, camera, audio, and everything else. turned off)

According to the study, WP8.1 (+Cyan) is the most battery friendly Windows Phone version yet, by significant margin. You can see how much improved the Cyan’s battery life is compared with the first Developer Preview which wasn’t well optimized for day to day usage.

The results show that WP8.1 (Cyan) has drained less than 25% of the battery for 13 hours since taken off charge. For the same time the first developer preview drains around 75%, WP 8.1 DP2 around 30%, and WP 8.0 around 50% of the fully charged battery of the test unit.

WP 8.1 Cyan battery life

credit: All about windows phone

The question whether Windows Phone is better than other OS like Android in terms of battery efficiency will remain open for the moment, but not for too long. Soon we will be able to compare two identical smartphones running different OS – HTC One M8 with Windows and Android OS.

Are you happy about the battery life after the official Windows Phone 8.1 update? Put your comments below.