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Windows 10’s Autumn Creators Update lets you limit data usage and set limits

Fall Creators Update
Windows Phone Area

Download/ Upload statistics and other options coming to Windows 10 in Fall 2017

Microsoft is preparing a big update for Windows 10 PCs in late 2017, dubbed the Autumn Creators Update. The next update for Windows will bring many new features and changes, such as the ability to set upload/download limits, control how much bandwidth to use for downloading updates, and more.

The new options can be found in Settings → Update & Security → Windows Update → Advanced Options. Tap on ‘Delivery Optimization’ and select ‘Advanced options’. From there you can set limits for bandwidth to download updates in the background. Move the slider freely between 0 and 100% to control the bandwidth limit.

update limit data

You can also set a limit for uploading updates to other PCs. As you probably know, Microsoft has introduced peer-to-peer updates for Windows 10, where you not just download, but also upload updates on the internet. Finally, you can set a monthly upload limit, just like on a Windows phone.

All these new options in Settings are great for users who want to have more control over the data usage on their Windows 10 PCs. Windows 10’s Fall (Autumn) Creators Update will begin rolling out to eligible PCs after September.