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Windows 10 was on more than 600 million devices in February

Windows Phone Area

‘Windows Trends’ page reveals interesting insights

Windows 10 was running on more than 600 million active devices in February, according to a blog post by Microsoft. The company announced that the Windows 10 devices, including Xbox consoles, laptops, smartphones and VR headsets, continue to grow in popularity at the expense of the devices running older versions of Windows.

The Windows and Microsoft Store trend page also reveals that ‘Entertainment’ is the most popular app section in the Store by downloads with 19%, followed by Productivity (14%) and Social (14%). Entertainment generates the most revenue worldwide with a 39% share.


Other insights:

  • Paid apps generate 62% revenue, while Free Apps generate 38%
  • Action & Adventure is the most popular genre for games (38%)
  • 44% of the Windows devices rely on 4GB of RAM, 31% have 8 GB, 5% have 6 GB.
  • 29% have 500 GB of storage
  • 67% of the devices have 2 or more CPU cores, 33% have 4+ cores
  • Integrated graphic adapter have 69% of the Windows devices.

See more data at this website.