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Windows 10 Preview for smartphones in the first half of 2015

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  • On October 3, 2014

Windows 10 to bring split multitasking and actionable notifications

Windows 10 Technical preview is already available for testing on desktop computers but only for x86 systems. All other devices like those with ARM processors (Surface tablets) and smartphones should expect the first version of Windows 10 sometime in 2015, according to Windows development leader Joe Belfiore.

Replying to a tweet, Belfiore has confirmed that ARM devices and Windows phones will not get the preview version until 2015, so features like split multitasking and active notifications may arrive sometime in the first quarter of 2015 (or in April). The current Windows 10 Technical preview has been released to get enterprise feedback and since it is an early build many features are not available for the general public.

The next version of Windows Phone (dubbed Windows 10) is expected to enable new capabilities for some handsets. Phones with large screens (above 4.5-4.9 inches), and tablets, will be able to split screen and show two active apps at the same time (real split multitasking), while the current action center will be improved with new functions like actionable notifications so users can respond without opening the app.

Bellow you can see the Microsoft’s vision of Windows 10 for phones, shown at the presentation on October 30.

Windows 10 for phones and tablets