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Windows 10 PCs are safe against ransomware attacks

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Petya and WannaCry have no impact on Windows 10 machines

In the last two months, we saw two significant ransomware attacks against Windows computers. First, it was WannaCry in May – a cryptoworm that sneaks into Microsoft Windows OS, encrypts files and demands payments in Bitcoin currency. The Wannacry attack has slowed down since May, but so far, more than 230,000 PCs in 150 countries have been infected. The hackers have exploited vulnerabilities in older versions of Windows 10 that are no longer supported. So, customers with Windows XP are exposed to a very high risk not only from Wannacry, but from any other ransomware in the future.

Microsoft promptly fixed the vulnerabilities in all versions of Windows, even in Windows XP, but if you still have one of the these old PCs, you’d better upgrade to the modern Windows 10 OS. With security fixes and cumulative updates rolling out every month, Microsoft ensures that your Windows 10 PC won’t be exposed to hackers.

Even the latest Petya ransomware that affected PCs in Europe has no impact on Windows 10. The attack is based on the same vulnerabilities like WannaCry, but it’s more complex. Fortunately, Windows 10 cannot be compromised, according to Microsoft. The software giant has analyzed telemetry data and the results showed that most of the victims were Windows 7 PCs.

But even if you have a Windows 10 machine, you can’t be 100% safe. Always download files from trusted servers, don’t open suspicious emails and update your system regularly. If you follow these simple rules, you are not in danger.