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Windows 10 Mobile removed from Windows 10 SDK

Windows 10 Phones

Andromeda OS will fill the gap left by the Mobile core.

Microsoft is sun-setting Windows 10 Mobile as a platform, while the company is expected to announce a hybrid version of Windows 10 for mobile devices – OneCore OS (Andromeda OS). The final nail in the coffin of Windows 10 Mobile is the removal of the ‘Mobile Core’ from the Windows 10 SDK, which means the Windows team will no longer work on new features for Windows 10 Mobile. However, the support for existing devices will continue until 2019 at the earliest, with monthly cumulative updates and patches.

The company is internally working on a new device category that will run the hybrid version of Windows 10. A mobile-type device codenamed Andromeda may launch in the first half of 2018, according to recent rumors and leaks, like some Windows apps already supporting the unannounced platform.

Andromeda will be a device with two screens that folds together, and based on the positions of the screens, the device will change its interface between mobile, tablet, and even desktop-like when connected to an external monitor (Continuum).

Surface Phone

And while the death of ‘Windows Phone’ could be painful for many of us, 2018 appears to be an exciting year for Windows on mobile. Stay tuned.