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Windows 10 may have Interactive Live Tiles in 2016

Interactive Live Tiles on Windows 10
Windows Phone Area

Live Tiles will be even more useful

Microsoft was thought to add 3D live tiles in Windows Phone in 2014, but the project along with the future flagship device called Nokia McLaren got cancelled.

Now, information coming from Microsoft’s Ignite conference suggests that Redmond hasn’t abandoned this functionality and the interactive tiles are yet to be coming, but in a slightly different than the initial form seen in leaked screenshots of the McLaren prototype.

Microsoft is working on improving the existing Live Tiles and their ‘at a glance’ functionality with far more useful features. In addition to displaying app-related information and updates, the new Tiles will allow Windows (Phone and PC) users to interact with the app through the Live Tile, without opening the app itself. The concept looks like a nice mix between the traditional Tiles we know from Windows 8.1 & Windows Phone and Android-like widgets.

During the Ignite conference, Microsoft briefly mentioned its intention to improve the Tiles by mixing them with widgets, but they won’t be ready in time for the official launch of Windows 10 this summer / fall. The company already explained that Windows becomes a service with more regular and more frequent small upgrades, rather than a few major service packs released once a year or two. So, these new Tiles may be coming with the rumored Redstone update sometime in 2016.

Here is an early concept of Interactive Live Tiles on Windows by Microsoft Research team. Keep in mind that this is a demonstration video and the final result may be completely different than that seen here, but those interested will at least get the point.

Source: WindowsCentral