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Windows 10 is installed on more than 24% of all machines

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  • On January 2, 2017

Windows 7 still leads with 48.34%

Microsoft’s latest OS is now running on 24.36% of all Desktop machines in use, according to a report at NetMarketShare. Windows 10 was on 23.72% of the machines in November, which means an increase of 0.64% for just a month. The noticeable growth in Windows 10 install base at the end of 2016 is likely to have been connected with purchase of new machines, rather than an upgrade from older versions of the OS. At the same time, Windows 7 is still a dominant force with a share of 48.34% of the computers, while Windows XP still has a share of 9.07%.

Other operating systems are poorly represented, with Apple’s OSX and Linux being the most significant names in the ranking. However, both non-Windows OS accounts for just 8% of the whole Desktop market.

Meanwhile, the growth of Windows 10’s Edge browser doesn’t follow the growth of the operating system. While Windows 10 is reaching the 25% threshold, Microsoft Edge remains with the modest 5.3% share, compared with the massive 56% for Chrome. Internet Explorer now has just 20.8%, compared with 40.8% in February 2016.

2017 could be a great year for Windows 10 and Microsoft as the company is preparing two major updates of the OS, and support for Qualcomm’s ARM processors that can boost sales of much cheaper machines running Windows 10.

Source: NetMarketShare