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WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8.0 stops on December 31

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  • On December 28, 2017

Windows Phone 8.0 and below will lose WhatsApp this week

WhatsApp announced months ago that support for Windows Phone 8.0 and older operating systems would cease on December 31. If you, for some reason, still have a phone running Windows Phone 8.0 like the HTC 8S, we have some bad news if you rely on WhatsApp messaging app.

Facebook-owned company will stop supporting Windows phone 8.0 from January 1st, just like BlackBerry OS, while at the same time, even the ancient Android 2.3 will be supported until 2020, because of its relatively large user base.

Windows Phone 8 lost almost all popular apps throughout the years, as even Microsoft stopped supporting apps like Skype on older versions of Windows Phone.

Fortunately, WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile remains live and active in the Store, so the app is not disappearing from the Microsoft Store. In fact, WhatsApp is one of the most-frequently updated apps on the Windows platforms.

via OnMsft