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What’s New in Windows 10 Build 10136 for Phones

Windows 10 Mobile Start

Many UX refinements and improvements in build 10136

Microsoft has published details about all improvements, fixes and bugs in the just unleashed build 10136 for Phones. This version includes tons of small UX refinements, Cortana, Photo, Camera app improvements and other changes. For better overall performance you should reset your phone after the installation.

Here is what’s new:

  • UX changes: more polished look, updated icons, fonts, layouts, etc.
  • Cortana: dark theme has been added; UI feels cohesive with the rest of the OS; tracking flights
  • Photos: tap on a month for a quick jump to photos; double-tap to zoom; performance improvements
  • Camera: additional features for Lumia Camera beta – available to Lumia 930, Icon, 1520, 640 and 640 XL; digital video stabilization for all phones
  • One-handed use: for phones with screens 5-inches or above – press and hold the start button to slide down your screen.
  • Wi-Fi toggle: pressing the button now enables / disables WiFi instead of opening the Settings page
  • Swipe added to Phone Dialer & Alarms
  • Spartan browser (Edge): new dark theme
  • OneDrive Windows 10 app: new dark theme
  • New icons: Settings, Music app
  • Search bar in the app list
  • Multitasking view: background image is visible; new close button
  • Landscape mode in Settings: for large screens only (5 or more inches)
  • Print to PDF

Here’s what has been fixed:

  • MMS can be received
  • The Touch issue bug in the Lock screen has been fixed
  • Visual glitches in Action center have been fixed
  • Users can add detailed status to display on the Lock screen from apps like Outlook Calendar

Here are the known bugs:

  • Lag between pressing the Icons/Tiles and opening the apps
  • Duplicate tiles for apps like Search and Phone under All Apps
  • If you have too many PIN unlock attempts, you’ll see the “enter A1B2C3” reset experience. The workaround is to press Emergency Call after entering the code, then press Back and you’ll be able to enter your PIN. Microsoft recommends disabling the double-tap-to-wake feature on some Lumia devices by going to the Settings app then Extras > Touch > Wake to prevent any accidental PIN unlock attempts.
  • Skype doesn’t not work after upgrade. Reinstall the app from the Store.

How to install build 10136 for Phones.

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