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Watch the Nokia Lumia 920 Parkour challenge, behind the scenes available

Watch the Nokia Lumia 920 Parkour challenge, behind the scenes available

Despite the fact that Nokia Lumia 920 stepped out from the position of being Nokia’s flagship handset, it is still at the forefront of the video recording. Do you remember the amazing video showing the free-running skills of the Red Bull’s champion Ryan Doyle who showed us not only how effective the optical image stabilization (OIS) of the Nokia Lumia device is, but also how well the phone handle in extreme recording conditions. Since April this year, the video has been watched by over 350 000 people on YouTube and its popularity is growing after all Nokia’s announcements, rumors and new new products. Today, another video has been released giving us exclusive behind the scenes access of the Nokia Lumia 920 freestyle video.

Let’s remember that the video first popped up on the Gizmodo UK site where the free-running world champion used a couple of Nokia Lumia devices to perform an extreme test of how capable the video camera actually is during unusual conditions. The test included 12 Nokia Lumia 920s, each handset capturing from a different angle and perspective. A remote Octocopter was used for the aerial shots. Each of the cameras shot in 1080p HD. Two cameras were strapped to the athlete, using GoPro harnesses, while the rest of the video was made using head, chest and hand-held mounted devices.

The results which can be seen on both videos prove one thing. The 8.7-megapixel PureView sensor technology offers the best video performance during low-light conditions in a smartphone to date. Thanks to the OIS, Nokia Lumia 920 manages to deliver blur-free videos even if the camera is shaking, ensuring a great user experience. Watch both videos below.

Source: Noknok